Moscow, October 26, 2007

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Perl Today

Russian Perl Workshop—2007

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The Story

Post-story of how this workshop was made.


The Workshop was translated online on SunRadio.


Perl 6 Introduction and a Newsletter


12:00 Registration and foreword
12:30 Perl 6 introduction
13:30 Break
13:45 Perl 6 practices
14:45 Web-site built with Perl and XSLT
15:30 Break
15:45 Example of building large web-site
16:30 Simple testing
17:30—18:00 Commercial development of highly loaded web-systems


‘InfoCom-2007’ exhibition
Programming Perl 6
Linux and Unix web portal


This section contains questions and answers which was thought about by organizers. If you have something to ask that is not here, write directly and immediately to

How much does it cost to attend the event?
Nothing. Current workshop is free for everyone who is interested in Perl’s current state.
Can I pay and how much?
Sure. Those who pay will get the privilege in the queue of candidates sorted by decreasing money amount. If you are not in the first hundred you pay nothing (and see nothing).
Why is it called ‘Perl today’?
The Goal is to show current state of Perl and its possibilities for making good web sites.
But is Perl 6 still a future?
Yes and no. It is already possible to learn the language, play with it and write simple programmes that work.
When will it happen?
October 26, 2007.
Where will it happen?
In Moscow. The venue will be announced later.
How many people may come?
Are there any rules for the queue?
There are 100 positions, which are filled in this order: those who speak; those who pay; free attendees. Free-of-charge-group exploit the principle ‘First registered—first served’.
Is it possible to come to one section only?
Yes, but those who is going to visit all three parts will be more desirable.
Will it be too crowded?
A venue is a room with about 40 computers in it. So every of them have to be shared between two persons while others will stand along walls. Hint: come together with a friend or a colleague.
Which operation system is at those computers?
Mandriva Linux.
How to register if I come together with someone?
Please register every person separately but in the comment field make a note ‘I come together with...’
Who will be the next president of Russia?
Listen to the radio. You even may listen to it via Internet so that there will be no need to buy a receiver.
What should I bring to the event?
Nothing except you registration number or passport.
Where to find a registration number?
It will be e-mailed to you in the early October.
Where to find a passport?
Anywhere you will find it you still need the confirmation to come.
May I take my notebook (macbook) with me?
Yes. Sure. But you then will have to install Perl 6 before to be able following examples which will be explained during workshop.
Should I bring food?
There are no official coffee breaks, dinners of buffets because the event is free. Those who want to eat use traditional third party services.
May I come from another city or country?
No problem. Please make hotel reservation yourself. But while the workshop lasts less than a day there will be no need to stay longer.
Are there any kind of preliminary registration?
Probably yes. In the café.
Are there any connections with annual YAPCs?
Inspiration first.
What will I get after the event?
CD with presentations and learning materials. And also compiled Pugs (experimental Perl 6 compiler) for Windows which is possible to copy to your hard disk and run.
And Linux?
We are thinking (sinking?). Linux-like systems are so different and it is much easier to make binary copy under Windows.
What for is a CD?
What for? There will be some free space where you can write your own files!
Can I inform the world about my interest in Perl?
You may check an option in the registration form and your name (together with the name of the company and your position there) will be published on the site.
Is registration secure?
User’s registration data are not published and are used for needs of organizers only. The only exception is mentioned in the previous answer. Anyhow any publication will be asked to confirm by e-mail. Badges with your name are not considered as insecure stuff.
Why the registration form is in Russian?
This language is official for current event. But you may come and listen even if you do not speak Russian.
Is it the last convulsion of Perl people?
Depends on you.

Operating system

Operating system Mandriva

Main info-partner

LinuxFormat Magazine

Prime sponsor

Informational and search system ‘Rambler’


IBM DeveloperWorks Russia


ActiveState. Dynamic tools for dymamic languages


DeepText.Net—Web text solutions

Information partners

‘System administrator’ Magazine
Open source and Linux/UNIX web-site


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